Tuesday, September 4, 2012

His way

July 31st was my dad's 61st birthday. He was in intensive care with a breathing tube down his throat dying. He kept trying to pull the tube out and ultimately succeeded.

Wrought with pain, he communicated intermittently through a foggy drug-induced haze. His liver no longer functioned and the rest of his organs were fast failing. The doctor gave us no false hopes and the nurses did their best to make him comfortable.

He was able to be himself, at times, when the drugs wore off enough, joking and making us laugh. He told us what he wanted when he was gone, right down to the "gathering" at my brother's house where we could serve finger foods.

On August 9, we were with my dad until the normal time visitors had to leave. It seemed he waited for us to go home, and fell asleep that night for the last time. It had been three years since the doctors gave him two years to live unless he got a liver transplant. 

He was so tired. My dad was a busy man who always said he'd rest when he was dead.

Rest in peace, daddy. I love you.

My dad didn't have to die. If there had been a liver available from a donor, he had a very good chance to have a longer life. If you aren't an organ donor yet, go now and get more information and get registered. Thank you...now go hug your parents and your children...

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